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Frequently asked questions.

Q. What is e-Siren?

A. e-Siren is an electronic device, which is exclusively designed for the Masjids' to be used during the holy month of Ramadan.

Q. Is it truly made in India?

A. YES! ABR e-Siren is 100% made in INDIA, created by a proud Indian researcher.

Q. How far can it be heard?

A. We have tested this device in a bigger masjid for 2 kms. However, the amplifier and speakers or PA systems you use can decide the far distances further.

Q. Does ABR e-Siren carries any warranty?

A. YES! Every e-Siren carries a (conditional) Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

Q. In which standards the ABR e-Siren has been made?

A. Well! We have a quality policy listed on the website as well, i.e. the process and the fecility of the ABR e-Siren has been made with CE, FCC, RoHS, ISO complience materials and components, and each and every ABR e-Siren should've passed the multi-layered QC tests before it reaches to you.

Q. How much power the ABR e-Siren consumes?

A. The ABR e-Siren consumes the power less than the mobile charger you use to charge your mobile.

Q. How to install the e-Siren?

A. The ABR e-Siren is simple plug 'n' play device, you should connect a audio input cable into the audio system and a power cable of the e-Siren in to the power outlet, just remember to keep the audio input volume to the lower levels to get the best quality siren sound out of it and lower levels of the input level will keep your amplifier healthy for long time.

Q. What is Conditional Lifetime Warranty?

A. Well! Every company product has its own conditions in warranty, unlike e-Siren, i.e.,

Warranty Terms & Conditions

  • Warranty will be unconditionally void, in case the warranty seal is found tempered or broken or the device found physically damaged or burnt by any cause or any kind of damages caused by mis-handling.

  • *Lifetime warranty means 2 seasons of Ramadan, during this period in case of any fault or manufacturing defect with the product if found, the product will be replaced for free of cost. After the period, minimum charges will be applied (upto 300), any how the product will be replaced for lifetime.

  • Faulty product will be replaced at our service centers at Hyderabad only.

  • Warranty card and the packaging box will be strictly required to claim warranty.

NOTE: Do not forget to Register online, your eSiren immediately after purchasing.

Q. How to approach the Service Center, in case if there is any problem with e-Siren?

A. e-Siren service centre is just a call away, please dial 8500536007, our technical team executive will guide and try to troubleshoot your technical issues on call, in case any issue with the device you can just send it our Service Centre located in Hyderabad for immediate replacement of e-Siren.